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I was born September 24th, 1981 in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, also known as the Soviet Union, into a family of geologists.

Until the middle of 2nd class I attended a local Leningrad school.

In October 1989 we moved to Norway.

Here I finished school and attended the University of Oslo, where I received a bachelor of Arts.

Throughout my education I discovered something of a fascination of human nature and psychology, how the mind behaves and what builds up an individual — why does somebody love standing in front of an audience while others fear it more than death itself?

So, learning about myself and following the advice of my girlfriend, who was studying psychology, I took the part of an extra in a student production, then got promoted to the right hand of a mob boss in the same film.

The experience was so exhilarating that I started playing in whatever I could find. From hidden camera shows to tv series, and later became a student of a local acting school.

By that time I was convinced that acting was psychology in practice, and I adhere to that belief.

During my time at the acting school, my previous education played its part. Acting is all about an interplay between the actor and his surroundings — an awareness of how the relationships are formed and nursed helps a lot in acting.

From my first role I was hooked,

I got such a rush out of it that I understood that being an actor was a calling. What more can one ask for then getting enormous satisfaction from the work one does?

Most of my characters have been villains.

Villains are very fun to play due to their prevalence over moral ideals which impedes those who have a holier-than-thou approach. The whole subject of character justification is a very engaging topic which I like to dabble in from time to time.

It is also relevant to an actor if one is to explore the full range of playable roles.


The more I play, the more I realize that acting is that what gives me real pleasure and what I can do good.

I really hit the jackpot. After just a brief period of time I got my first recurring part in a TV series, having passed two rounds of casting.

I concider myself extremely fortunate. In 3 years I played in more productions than most actors achieve in a decade.

To see details about what I´ve done click here.

Currently I take great pleasure in developing my skills with every new part. With every role comes the continuation of an actors evolution.

This fascinates me even more and fills me with hope and confidence that someday I´ll completely master this craft.

Happy is the man who does his job with love.

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I was born September 24, 1981 in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic into a family of geologists.

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